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She Bear by Ellen Gillette
She Bear | When Heartmaker tells She-Bear that she and her beloved Cub share a special destiny, she can't imagine what it could be. She is just a simple bear, after all. And when that destiny unfolds, it isn't at all what she would have chosen. But still, she trusts Heartmaker because he made her. He loves her. Join She-Bear and her friends as they experience the joys of the Beautiful Garden, as well as the sorrows.

Love in Yona Valley by Ellen Gillette
Love in Yona Valley | When their father’s estranged brother leaves a house and 80 acres to him in his will, the four Calvert sisters—Darcy, Grace, Ruby, and Kendra—aren’t sure that it is wise to make such a drastic move, soon after their mother’s death. Their father believes the move is God’s will, however, annoying to Darcy, who has undergone a crisis of faith in recent years..
For Such a Time by Ellen Gillette
For Such a Time | Veronica Miller is grateful for a temporary teaching job at the local Catholic school. Perhaps it will take her mind off her ex-husband’s betrayal and distract her from the divorce and her growing doubts that she will ever find true love. When she meets Father Francis Xavier, however, will she become distracted in a potentially damaging way? To complicate matters further, she discovers her ex- and his very pregnant bride have moved in around the corner.
Fully Relying on God by Ellen Gillette
Fully Relying on God: Stories from my Life (Shirtley Veltman - As told to Ellen Gillette) | No matter who we are man woman or child we are born with a purpose and for a purpose. We all start out as a child, boy or girl. We do not come with an instruction booklet on how to live the perfect life. We are given a birth certificate and that can and may complicate ones life right from the start, as it did mine. No matter how bizarre, no matter our age, our color or ethnic background, despite our situations and circumstances, people everywhere suffer. We all to often find ourselves living in a crazy mixed up world all be it (a sinful world), no matter where we are geographically.
Hard times, trouble times, sad times, financial difficulties, family problems, sickness, accidents, and death it comes to all of us. They can and do come at times least expected maybe even from people who were supposed to love and protect us. How do we survive it all? Can we overcome?
Baaad Sheep: When God's People Let You Down by Ellen Gillette
Baaad Sheep: When God's People Let You Down | Church/spiritual abuse takes many forms. It can range from sexual molestation to gossip and character assassination. Whatever form it takes, however, one thing is certain: It leaves scars. Often those abused leave the church never to return; sometimes they stay, afraid to leave, paralyzed by fear, insecurity, and shame. Either way, they need a healing touch and a supportive guide who has been there and knows how it feels. Host a Christ-centered 10-session support group based on Ellen Gillette's grace-full book Baaad Sheep and minister Christ's love to them now.
Fully Relying on God by Ellen Gillette
Adventures of Carmelo (Fred Berri - Illustrated by Ellen Gillette) | Ellen Gillette illustrates Fred Berri's children's tales in the Adventures of Carmelo.

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