Ellen Gillette
Emily Sharpe | Pen Name for Ellen Gillette

Dear Editor | Can a case of mistaken identity be the beginning of something new? Jessica is surprised when her boyfriend agrees to.
The Stonemason & the Lady | Donna is about to marry Eric, with whom she has enjoyed their exploration of bondage, but she longs to switch roles. Can she bring out the dominant in him without driving him away?
Mating Season | Kristina Edwards has the rare opportunity to remake herself after a traumatic event. She has a new job in a new state. Why not a new name as well? 'Tina' settles into a rural North Carolina community, helped by her neighbor Chip and the elderly but beautiful new neighbor Eleanor, who has reasons of her own for moving to Poplar Gap.
Running Hot | When Andrea (Andy) Cummings, the town's bald, foulmouthed, and talented mechanic, becomes the subject of a national magazine article, more will run hot than the reporter's car engine.

Emily Sharpe Titles
Heart Song | Love is all around us in countless variations. Blushing Books presents Heart Song Anthology, a collection of stories about love: love in the workplace, love on the run, humorous love, fresh beginning love, bold love, secret fantasy love, second chance love. Some of these stories are new and have never been published before, and some are re-edited versions of older stories that were limited releases and worth sharing again. We hope they make your heart sing. The Valentine’s Visitor - At an historic hotel one Valentine’s weekend, two couples get a second chance at finding happiness and it's almost midnight on Friday the 13th. Almost Valentine’s Day.

Ellen & Emily | I'll meet you there.
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